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Thomas J
United States
Current Residence: Brooklyn, NY
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Personal Quote: Anything that is not nail down is mine, Anything that I can pry loose is not nail down

Other Things I Did

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 5, 2016, 6:56 AM
I went to my sister's friend for Fourth of July BBQ.  That is one of the things I like to do during the summer.  Go a baseball game (minor league cause I am so close to the Brooklyn Cyclones at least) or a major league Game.  The BBQ was fun good people and good food.

I had a lot of good food including my sister's vegetable skewers.  I mean at BBQ is vegetable skewers.  I ate a bratwurst, at least two hot dogs, and two hamburgers.  Yes, I ate all that.  I really enjoyed this much.

A person forgot his wallet/backpack, it was a huge thing to forgot.  We were leaving and took the wallet to them at the train station.  We told we found the wallet, but the money was gone.

I did go to 2 plays one was "Noises Off" which a nice screw ball comedy, it was a play with in a play.  The first act was a dress rehearsal, which the "director" walking  in the "empty" audience.  Me and my sister from her Godmother who gave it to us.  We were in the orchestra level.  It was fun, the second act is matinee which was described as old age pensioners in the theater.  We and the rest of the audience roared at that one.
A nice screw ball comedy.

I think it works better as a play, it's the idea of being in a theater seeing the nut and bolts of putting on a play. A silly look but a fun play.

The other play was "Disaster the Musical"… which we were both excited by.  If you grew up in seventies, disaster movies were something you watched.   The musical used songs of the age as plot points.  The plot a floating casino is beset by a volcano which causes an earthquake and gets hit by a tidal wave. Then an attack by sharks.

The song Hot Stuff 
which was used by the volcanologist to see if the ground was under stress from a crack in the earth and hot stuff would be in the water.  The crooked owner of the casino tells kitchen staff that the kitchen is not working and they can serve cold foods, he tells them to ignore safety and get hot stuff out of the kitchen.

This number was worth the entire price of the ticket.

It had the tropes of these movies, the woman and man who broke up because she wanted a career.  Seriously this was a cliche of these films.  An elderly couple who one of them is dying, a woman with kids twin one of needs insulin. The disaster specialist with a tragic past who tries to warn people. Of course a bunch of people who are not long for the world.

There is always someone who has a useless skill outside this situation which comes in handy.  In the Poseidon Adventure there was a boy who love ships and knew where the thinnest part of the hull, knowledge that is valuable in the capsized ship. In the film When Time Ran Out,  there a pair of kids who trapped across from a river of lava.  Luckily there is an old tight rope performer who can walk across the ruins of foot bridge.

The play had a running gag of a mother with twin brother and sister who was in love with the crooked owner played one actor.  He wore a wig when playing his sister and a baseball cap when playing the brother.

If you want to see some of disaster movies then to see the tropes the best is the Poseidon Adventure.  It simple and self contained.  For the big disaster with an all star cast it would be the Towering Inferno or Earthquake.

We saw Earthquake in Sensusound which made the chairs vibrate.  The film follows a deverse set of characters that survive an earthquake, the various problems and perils it causes, and a flood when the  Mulholland Dam goes.  It has human drama of Charlton Heston torn between his drunken wife and his mistress.

Even as a kid, I knew enough not to get into an elevator during an earthquake.  There was a scene where people fight to get into an elevator, it does not end well. There is a final scene where people are trapped in underground garage in aftershock.  Charlton Heston goes down into the sewer and break through the sewer.

Of course there when the dam goes it floods the sewers.  I thought they really did not save that many.  Then watching it again, there were 80 people trapped in there and well the flood hits.  It looks like about 20 or 30 people were washed away.  Sucks for them, they did better than I thought.

One of my favorite scenes is during the Earthquake, man standing on his pouch with a cigarette in his mouth.  Some one yells turn off the gas.  He acknowledges the request  and turns to go back into his house, with the cigarette STILL IN HIS MOUTH. He enters the house and BOOM! I was still a kid and thought damn that was a dumb way to die.

There was a time that they showed Earthquake  on TV, it was divided over two nights with some deleted scenes.  Plus some scenes of a couple flying back from Hawaii to meet Charlton Heston's architect character.  Their plane survives trying to land during the earthquake.  The pilots keep their passengers up to date.  It was depressing announcements, including the flooding of Los Angeles.  It was like this:
"This is your captain, the rule of law is gone from Los Angeles.  Cannibalism is rampant and the living envy the dead."

If I was pilot I would lie to my passengers that I had no information.  That groud control is busy trying to get all the planes in the LAX area down safety. 

  • Listening to: Genesis
  • Reading: Fort Pillow by Harry Turtledove
  • Watching: Perry Mason
  • Playing: Spider Solataire
  • Eating: Hamburgers
  • Drinking: Ice Tea

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