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Mysterio by The-Mind-Controller

A Well-done on one of my favorite Spiderman villains. You captured the essence of his uniform. It is not an easy one to draw, it was re...

GoZuuki by Koku-chan

The redesign of the comic relief character is well done. He has loss some of his cuteness, but makes him look more like Godzilla. It gi...

To start I always had a crush on Velma, so take this with a grain of salt. Again the character is recognizable in the small form while ...

This is a well done of Drew Saturday, I immediately recognized the character with all of the others. Doing nude characters are extremel...


My computer is not charging.  Had these pieces loaded taking the computer in.  Here's hoping
WCBNINJAS Scarlet G.I. Joe Ninja Force by Godzilla713
WCBNINJAS Scarlet G.I. Joe Ninja Force
For the Western Civilization Board's January Art Theme Ninja which is described as:
January – Ninjas
Characters such as Sakura and Hinata (Naruto) or Taki (Soul Calibur). Genre includes things like shibari rope, hojojutsu, ninja trick magic, stealth scenarios. Lots to play with here.

This is Scarlett in her Ninja Force version from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, another victim of  Cobra's own evil ninjas.  I am sorry that I like the original version of her outfit, I even dressed one of my OC' Rainbow Prism like her, with pink legwarmers like Cleo from the Catillac Cats. 

is a fictional character from the G.I. Joe: A American Hero toyline, comic book and cartoon series. She is one of the original members of the G.I. Joe Team, and is a major character in the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero comic book series. She has also appeared in G.I. Joe: Sigma 6, in both the animated series and comic book. In the 2009 film, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Scarlett is portrayed by actress Rachel Nichols.

Her real name is Shana M. O'Hara, and she was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Her rank is Master Sergeant, and she serves from time to time as team leader.

Her primary specialty for the team is counter intelligence, but her secondary military specialty has remained classified in all of her file cards. Scarlett is additionally skilled in martial arts and acrobatics. She started training at age 9 with her father and three brothers, who were all instructors, and earned her first black belt at age 15. She has several black belts in various forms of martial arts. Scarlett also graduated summa cum laude, and passed her Bar Exams to practice law, before moving into the military. She graduated from Advanced Infantry Training and Ranger School, and received special education in Covert Ops School, Marine Sniper School, Special Air Service School, and Marine Tae Kwon Do Symposium. Although she is as adept with standard weapons as any of her comrades, her weapon of choice is the XK-1 power crossbow, which fires various bolts with specialized functions. Scarlett is also a qualified expert with the M-14, M-16, M1911A1 Auto Pistol, M79 grenade launcher, M3A1, M-700 Remington sniper rifle, MAC-10, throwing stars, garotte and KA-BAR (Combat Knife).

She has long red hair, which she tends to put up into a pony tail. In some of her appearances, it is shown she may speak with a southern drawl or localized Georgian accent. Her personal quote is, "Beauty may only be skin deep, but lethal is to the bone".

A new version of Scarlett was released in 1993 as part of the Ninja Force line. This figure used a synthetic hair material to make her pony tail. Also, all the Ninja Force figures were designed with a "real ninja move". Scarlett's spring-loaded right leg could be pushed back, then released, causing it to spring forward in a kicking motion.

WCBNINJAS Yori of Kim Possible by Godzilla713
WCBNINJAS Yori of Kim Possible
For the Western Civilization Board's January Art Theme Ninja which is described as:
January – Ninjas
Characters such as Sakura and Hinata (Naruto) or Taki (Soul Calibur). Genre includes things like shibari rope, hojojutsu, ninja trick magic, stealth scenarios. Lots to play with here.
This is Yori from Kim Possible in a shibari bondage peril.  Apparnetly another ninja who was not silent or not visible as she believed.  Now she awaits for Ron or Kim come to the rescue.

Yori is a student of the Yamanouchi Kinja school in Japan whom Ron Stoppable has a crush on. After Kim, she appears to be the most popular of Ron's crushes. In the episode "Exchange," Ron shows repeated interest in Yori, both at their meeting, where he is stunned by her appearance, and again later, when Fukushima is informed that he was right to save a pretty girl. At this time, Ron is not aware that Yori herself has feelings for him. On their second meeting, Ron tells her of his relationship with Kim, which she accepts. Kim shows clear jealousy of Yori, possibly due to Kim believing her to be her greatest competition for Ron's affections.

Yori was very respectful with everyone she met, the only exception being established villains. Even among people she knew well, she never failed to bow as a sign of respect. She was quite concerned with honor, attempted to behave honorably at all times, and encouraged others to do the same. This is also how she frequently challenged Ron to take the lead role when they were together, and Ron tended to respond to her expectations, both as a way of both proving himself a hero and hopefully impressing Yori as a bonus. Admittedly, most of things that Yori stated would be Ron's honor to do could also have been considered either grunt work, or something a gentleman would be expected to do in a lady's presence (which Ron seemed largely unaware of). Some examples of this included:

  1. Your honor to carry the bags (Ron brought a huge pile of luggage to the airport and expected someone else to carry them).
  2. Your honor to walk (all the way up the mountain where the Yamanouchi Ninja School is located, and then back down upon his departure).
  3. Your honor to go first (when they were about to enter a suspicious and likely dangerous building. Yori also thought that Ron was very funny with what she called "American style jokes," though in most cases Ron was just uninformed or accident-prone, and was not actually trying to amuse her.
Yori appeared to be a fairly talented ninja, and could usually hold her own in battle unless considerably outnumbered. On the few occasions when they fought, Yori's battles with Kim suggested that they were very evenly matched in skill. In addition, Master Sensei seemed to place a great deal of faith in Yori, which suggested that she was likely either one of his top students, or the most trustworthy.
UNDERWEAR Ami HiHi Puffy AmiYumi
Here is Ami of Cartoon Network's HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi being kidnapped in her underwear.

Ami Onuki is one of the members of the rock band Puffy. She is a drummer, vocalist and guitarist.

She favors bubblegum pop and wears a yellow and pink 1960's go-go dress, also sporting a Daisy in her hair and white knee-high go-go boots. For sleepwear Ami wears a pink sleeved nightgown with a flower in the middle. For swimwear, Ami wear a light blue bikini and flip flops. For formal wear, Ami wears a yellow dress, wears yellow pearl earrings and wears her hair in buns.  For ninja wear, Ami wears a lavender ninja outfit with a lavender balaclava. For Magician assistant outfit, she wears a light blue swimsuit and yellow flats. Ami Onuki and Yumi made a brief appearance in Nicktoons Series Kappa Mikey, with different names but same clothes who challenged Mikey and his friends to a Rock And Roll contest.

As the optimist, Ami always looks on the bright side of things and finds a solution to every situation (being two years younger, yet acting less mature). She loves rainbows, bunnies, sparkles, gore, and anything else girly.

 Ami can drive the tour bus, talk to bees, make a huge mess and clean in the form of a tornado, and play her drums with her feet. Ami can crush a handheld gaming device with her hand as seen in The Legend of Mei Pie. She is also a ninja like Yumi in Ninjacompoop, though not as skillful or as Yumi (Which leads to her ultimate demise later). Ami can also throw things far away as seen in "Gridiron Maidens", due to always pounding on the drums.


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Thu Dec 24, 2015, 7:35 AM

Good Ood by GillianIvy

I have not been as productive as I wanted to be.  I am not sad or depressed, but maybe drawing is in the case of the Blahs.  I should draw,  I had lots of idea for Christmas.  Just could not work the gumption or will to do it.

I think it is delayed sadness over my mom's death.  She died last year and then I had medical emergency and ended in the Hospital, My Update on My Health, and was in the Hospital for Christmas and New Year.  Suckiest Christmas ever.   Maybe this a delayed reaction to being in the hospital.  My mom loved the holiday season and planning parties.  One of the things I did was decorate my apartment for Christmas, I wanted to have my tree up.  I had my sister and friend for a little party.  For awhile it did not seem to happen,  they both agree to come.  I then had a scheme to travel downtown Brooklyn to the Target Store to buy the appretrizers I was serving.  I would get up and be on an early bus and be there before the crowds show up.  My mother's genes for unrealistic expectations and planning came out.  Then Luckily my dad's  genes for worrying the small things and said to sit down.  I then decided to my guest would have to make due with the things I could get at my local Supermarket.

These two are the most easy going  people, if they showed up and I broke my family cook book, the take out menus, they would have been just as happy.  The menu for my little party was pigs in a blanket (cocktail hot dogs in dough YOU ARE NOT AMERICAN IF YOU DON'T LIKE THEM),  jalopeno chream cheese poppers,, potato skins with bacon, bbq chicken, and burrito snack bites.  All store bought and delicious.  It was a nice little party.  I had loaded my Christmas Albums on my computer ranging from  Big 80's Christman with The Waitresses "Christmas Wrapping"  Trans-Siberian Rail Road, Deam Martin, Celine Dion, and Dian Krall.    I even put the Bob Rivers Comedy album with the "Twelve Pains of Christmas" and Dr Demento's comedy album.  I plan to make a mix song list, again my ambitions  were not up to that.  So I just loaded all of the songs I wanted andlet that sucker rip.  The next day I had ny cousins Jean and Anne back after brunch.  They were two of the people who visited me last year.  They loved what I was doing to my apartment.

My sister's friend had a colonoscopy and my sister went with her to help her home after the operation.  I got a text from my sister that said "CALL ME."   She had locked herself out of the apartment with her Feo cat in the hallway.  She lefted a voice mail that you can hear the cat howling in the echo prone hallway.  I had a room mate for the night, my sister got the keys for her apartment from me.  It is not a good Holiday Season for this cat.

Then I started getting the trolls hating on me.  Calling me a prevert and worse,  this happens when you are the weirdo with fetish.  They seemed to be coming in a group to me, one after the other.  When did I become so popular to warrant this, then people showed that there was  rant against me.  That explained everyting, here is the rant, someone did nine minutes on my art.

I hope your Holidays are safe for everybody.  Otherwise I am well, not depressed or sad just kinda of Blah

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