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4,000 PAGEVIEWS by Godzilla713 4,000 PAGEVIEWS by Godzilla713
Here is an ad for Death Mountain, the unfortunate location for Doctor's Colossus not so secret liar. Maybe he should have bought better locks because that is too many people breaking in. It is quasi-sequel to Lisa Simpson to the Rescue.

At first he only captured Alex, Alison, and Erin, then he captured Lisa after a botch rescue. Now people are just stumbling onto the entrance. Daria and Jane took a path less traveled and were captured. Soon more and more poeple showed.

Then the police started to take notice when Trixie of famous Speed Racer team disappeared. Then Kim Possible and the Agents of WOOHP started to snoop around. Even the superhero Wordgirl has showed.

Off screen Capt Huggyface, Rufus, and Perry the Platypus are working on a rescue. If you understand any of these references it is time to turn of the TV, for the love of God do it save your brain.

For the picture is Doctor Cololssus (the dude in blue) is dragging Kim Possile. going l to r is Alison Tayler, Alex of WOOHP, Erin, Meg Griffin, Alex Whitney, Jane Lane, Lisa Simspon, Daria Morgendorffer, Wordgirl,Clover of WOOPH Lizzie McGuire, Sam of WOOHP. Sitting down is Alice(from Dilbert) and Trixie.

All of them have previously starred on picture on my gallery. This for 4,000 pageviews. Onward for 1,000,000 pageviews.
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