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Puckish Pip by Godzilla713 Puckish Pip by Godzilla713
Here is :iconconservativepip: 's OC Pip, a tomboy living in the Victorian era, who is having some fun eluding the constabulary. She is enjoying the cat and mouse game.

Here is Pip's bio:

During the Victorian era, there lived a tough tomboy thug named Pip (short for "Penisless Pip" a nickname she though of for herself). Pip charged tolls in a well trafficked alley of Victorian London and beat up those who didn't pay the toll with her trademark brass knuckles. Pip also frequently goes to bars (the drinking age of Victorian England is likely lower than that of the modern United States) and she ends up in brawls, she one day wins a bar brawl in 1887 that gives her fame and renown throughout London as a tough girl. This warranted the attention of the people who protect the Prime Minister who decide to make her a guard captain and she even marries a House of Commons politician. Pip also became close to Queen Victoria and even guards her on special occasions when the Prime Minister is around.


 Pip dressed in a tomboyish manner and wore the stained business suit and pants of a wealthy inventor from the garbage (she removed the sleeves and part of the legs to turn the pants into shorts) however she is infertile and very flat chested often mistaken for a teenage boy and her hair is short and unkempt. Pip spent a lot of time training to the point of having noticeable muscles, ate a lot, and also enjoyed flexing her muscles to foreign political figures who the Prime Minister often saw. Pip found being feminine and ladylike boring as she enjoyed belching contests and can sometimes seen spitting and picking her nose (among other things); she also liked devouring chocolate but keeps that secret for fear she will be seen as soft. She was hot tempered and frequently got into brawls (which she usually won), one thing that makes her mad is being compared to a literally character named Pip from a Charles Dickens book. She always keeps around her brass knuckles in case they are needed for her guard duty, she also has a gun if she ever needs it and even keeps a 30 kilogram hammer in her office (who she often totes around and she often spits into both of her hands and rubs them together to lift it). She also has appeared on a news source called The World Mud more than once.


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Nice oc
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