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Rugby and Cricket  OC by Godzilla713 Rugby and Cricket  OC by Godzilla713
I created a polar bear OC Brunhilda [link] I was still working on her boyfriend and his sister. Their names is Rugby and Cricket Lamb, the brother is one year older thanhis sister. Since they were German shepherd dogs, I decided to make them relatives of my OC Kanfec "Connie"t Lamb [link] she does have older brothers. In my mind Brunhilda surfs on snow, he always comes in second to Brunhilda. The reason people say is if he wins, he would have to be in front of her and he could not watch her from behind. He is a teenage boy.

Cricket Lamb does not approve of her brothers romance, she does not out of prejudice. She does not expect Brunhilda to leave her family or Rugby to stay with her. She is a bit of queen bee at their school. She is a skier, quite a good one. This is just getting their looks down.

Their names come from pets in my childhood. Rugby was friend's dog, a lovable mutt that looked a cross sheep dog with the color of a German Shperd. He was a sweet friendly dog, he was not the brightest of dogs. He would considered slow by even dog standards. We once drove up to the Catskill Mountains , Rugby have never really been out of the city. He was going nuts trying to run in all of the field and meadows we were passing. he was constantly banging into the window. Cricket was an orange stripe tabby who adopted us as a family. He was an alley cat that we could not get out of house. He was a sweet good nature cat, who at one time brought a date a similar colored cat. It took a while to catch on that we now had two cats.
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